Ensure Your Devices Are Childproof With These Tips

You cannot deny the convenience of the various smart devices you have at home. Whether it is your handy tablet or smartphone, they make it easy to access the internet and provide other functions. But the fact that you leave them lying around makes them vulnerable to the youngest members of your house. Children can be very good at sneaking out devices, especially if they have motivation. Here are some tips on how to protect your possessions and your children from each other.

Buy A Solid Case

One of the first things you should do is to have a solid protective case for your device. Smartphones and tablets usually need this the most. Laptops are easier to protect, but a simple sleeve would still be nice to keep off the dust and keep it away from the children.

The main reason for the case is that small devices are not exactly the best handled by children with small hands. They can easily slip and fall onto the floor. If you don’t want to be constantly going to cell phone repair shops to fix broken screens and the like, a good case is a decent investment. Additionally, a screen protector can help ensure the touchscreen won’t get damaged.

Set The Proper Accessibility Settings

When you leave your device lying around, it can be a problem if your child suddenly opens it and start playing around with it. If you want a completely secure device, you should have several layers of defenses. For one, you need to have a lock on your screen. A simple way to defend from anyone opening up your device. A password or a swipe pattern should help. That should be enough most of the time. But you should be extra careful and have separate profiles that can be activated on the device. Children are a lot smarter than you think, and they can break into a device with enough motivation, especially if they are observant. With a child’s profile, you can have more limits over what they can access.

Learn To Pin The Screen

Sometimes, you have to give your child access to the device. Whether it is because you need to keep them busy or they need to have access to it for educational reasons, children can cause a lot of problems when you let them play with your smartphone or tablet. The best way to handle this is to learn to pin the screen. This ensures that the child can only use a single app. This prevents them from leaving the current one and playing around with the various other things on your phone. Another thing you should do is to disable all payment options while they are using the device. It might surprise you at how much money your child can spend on microtransactions so you should stop that from happening.

Provide Them With Their Own

A simple way to keep your device safe is to give your children their own. Choose an old or outdated model you don’t use. This is perfect if you are upgrading. Now clean it up and install child-friendly software and have the proper safety locks on it. You then have the perfect device for your child to distract from your own.

A smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop are great additions to any household. You can use them for a variety of things ranging from entertainment to help you work. However, they can be dangerous if you leave them around for your children. Take steps to childproof them so that you can have fewer worries about them in the long run.

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