Is MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting Good for eCommerce Business?

Online eCommerce has resolved issues like growing your business and selling to international customers to the point that it has become a regular practice for some. It has opened up new horizons and possibilities to be explored by traders all over the globe as boundaries and distances have become too trivial to be called a hurdle.

That said, a successful eCommerce business isn’t a sweatshop. It has to have a healthy following, a diverse product line, a vast internet presence and most important of all, a smooth-running interactive website. Leaving the rest of the factors and focusing only on the vitals, it is obvious to do everything you can to create and deploy a fast and user-friendly website.

A popular eCommerce business attracts customers like moths to an open flame. To accommodate and sell to a humongous crowd of buyers is the characteristic feature of any eCommerce website. However, there are limits to how much it can satisfy the buyers and web traffic it can sustain.

If your eCommerce business has a bulky consumer base, you can add a variety of new features to your website. Inducting web applications like online games, chat rooms, etc. to your eCommerce website is a great way to entertain the users that visit your online platform. Hypothetically speaking, it is similar to opening a one-stop shopping and entertainment center. Many successful eCommerce businesses are earning a good deal of profits with such endeavors.

Still, the question remains- Can your website’s hosting endure these heavy online activities?

Depending on the answer you come up with, it is a million-dollar question that can either make you or break you.

For a website to operate smoothly and function at an optimum, you need to host it on some powerful hosting platform.

Remember, an eCommerce site should be-

  • Easy-to-use(for users)
  • Easy-to-manage(for business owner)
  • Store and display a bulk of data(product lines, customer details, inventory, etc.)
  • Support a bulk of web applications(plugins, extensions., etc.)
  • Support a variety of payment methods and gateways.
  • Fully secured

Regular shared hosting won’t do. There is no way you can get all these features with a good-old, run-of-the-mill shared hosting. The site will exert heavy pressure on the server’s processing power, memory and other resources that it already shares with several other sites.

The other choices would be cheap VPS server  and cloud hosting. Sure they can handle heavy web traffic and provide enough processing power and speed. They also possess incredible scalability to adjust to the increase in the load. Still, the resources are limited.

For truly big eCommerce operations that require substantial data storage capacity and other resources, these hosting services can’t always fulfill them all. In the long run, they affect the overall performance of the site, which is not good.

The final and probably the only alternative left to that is dedicated hosting. An entire server at your disposal can host any eCommerce website/s without falling behind on performance. With dedicated hosting, you can check off everything on the eCommerce website list and more: the best processing power, fastest speeds, highest data transfers, highest disk space, the list goes on and on.

You can expect this much from a service that dedicates the entire server for exclusively hosting your website/s.

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting

MilesWeb is one of the few hosting providers that offer a full-fledged dedicated servers in India. Some reasons why MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting services are better than its rivals are pretty simple and listed below.

Hardware: The servers for dedicated hosting have powerful Intel-powered processors that guarantee high performance. The memory disk space utilizes high-tech and ultra-fast SAS drives for peak data transfers and storage speeds.

Full SSH Access: Leasing an entire dedicated server has its perks. You get complete root access with the dedicated servers. You would have total control and freedom to configure any settings or install any web applications on the server. They also grant root access to the hardware via remote IP KVM Console.

Safety and Security: The server itself is in a physically private environment. It provides the highest level of isolation and security for the websie/s hosted on your dedicated server. As your server is entirely isolated from any other website and network, you don’t have to worry about any threats arising from them. You can freely set up your custom firewalls and configure the system security to your specifications.

Customizable: The entire system is at your disposal to do with it as you please. It lets you run custom applications on your server by allowing you to make configurations to the system. It is a highly advantageous attribute for running heavy applications that are custom-made for your eCommerce.

Cost-efficient Plans: MilesWeb has drafted plans for your website and budget needs. The service plans are affordable and comply with every requirement of the users at a reasonable price. Their dedicated hosting plans start from as low as ₹14,499/month. Here are the plans for their dedicated hosting.

Final Word

eCommerce businesses require the best possible hosting to support their entire online operation. The bigger the online business, the more sophisticated the hosting needs are.

Cloud hosting does fulfill most of the hosting requirements, but the scaling and other daily routines like monitoring resources are not worth the pain. Cutting costs is possible, but billings are affected in cases of negligence in monitoring and scaling.

The dedicated hosting services of MilesWeb ignores this dilemma and guarantees high performance at affordable prices.

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