National measles outbreak reaches El Paso with 2 confirmed cases

A national outbreak has been declared as the measles epidemic has claimed two cases in El Paso. According to the city health department, a lady in her late 40’s and a toddler, boy, have both tested for measles and are positive cases of the disease. In addition to this, some citizens at Fort Bliss may have suffered from exposure to it. Officials are sending out cautionary measures for people to vaccinate themselves against the virus.

Measles is caused by a virus which is preventable from spreading through symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Measles is contagious and 90% of the people who are exposed to a patient who suffers from it are likely to get it if they are not immune to it through vaccination. Bruce Parsons, the assistant public health director at El Paso notes the same.

The US Center for Disease Control states that measles may begin with the regular symptoms of the flu such as a running fever, nose, red eyes, coughing etc. These are followed by rashes which spread from the head to the limbs. Over 1000 measles cases have been reported, and this is being termed the worst outbreak of the disease in the USA according to the Associated Press.

The Public Health Department at El Paso has given a list of areas including some at Fort Bliss, where people may have been exposed to the virus. The officials have warned that those who are visiting should ensure that they are vaccinated against the disease.

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