Our Management team is comprised of industry experts with impressive education & experience.

Chris Hughes
Chief Executive Officer

We no longer stand at the dawn of a digital age, but rather at midday, where some scruples of the business of news accessibility are being compromised by many. Chis, our founder, is not one to capitalize on the vulnerabilities, but one to build from the foundations of ethical news reporting, a website that provides the latest news, without prejudice or bias! He is a curation enthusiast who enjoys tailoring stories to match the interest and standard of our readers.

Joe Rodriguez
Author- Automobiles

Joe is an avid reader of automobile stories, and when is not writing about them and all the various factors and innovations which come into play in the industry, he is found brushing shoulders with the knowledgeable! His hunger for learning and drive for perfection in all aspects of journalism make him out to be a dedicated writer for our team.

Jesse Baker
Author- Energy

While energy may not be the juiciest of topics to write on, Jesse makes it his life’s work to make sure that the right kind of news makes it to your dashboards every single day. His inclination lies in conservationist action and thinking, often bordering towards reform! Their fresh perspective and on hand factual accuracy see them making ripples across the board when it comes to new methods of energy conservation and weighing the restructuring of our world.

Howard Gonzales
Author- Healthcare

If any significant news with regards to the healthcare and wellness of the people arises, we can count on Howard to be on top of it! His constant dedication to the job and steady research ensures that the quality standards of the news portal are met. In his downtime, he can be found with his nose buried in a medical journal or a health magazine.

Donald Phillips
Author- Real Estate

Real estate and property markets see many swings in trends over the course of time, and with any luck, Donald should find himself surrounded by those affecting, or affected by these changing winds. His most valued skill remains to be the deep understanding of rate fluctuations, inflations or deflations in the scenario, and most of all – making predictions which are almost certain!