Industry Leader Since 1981

Sycor Technology has been an industry leader in cabling and wiring, not only in its native Canada but worldwide as well, since opening its doors in 1981. One of the reasons why it is so respected is because of its ability to create custom cables and wires that fit what its clients are looking for. This is especially appreciated by those in uniquely demanding fields.

Serves a Variety of Markets

This cable manufacturer and cable supplier serves an impressive variety of markets, including military and aerospace, utility and water treatment systems, telecommunications and monitoring, broadcast and entertainment, gaming and solar energy. These clients receive quality cables and wires that have been manufactured in Sycor’s impressive 40,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

Robotic and Automation Cabling and Wiring

The demands on cabling and wiring used in robotic and automation settings are significant. They need to be able to endure continuous, repeated movements in oftentimes harsh factory conditions and do so for a considerable period of time. In response, Sycor provides a number of cabling and wiring solutions, some of which have been used in international space modules and solar projects situated throughout the world.

Gene Hanley

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