Learning about visitor Management Access

Security needs of a modern organization are challenging and it is growing increasingly. To track and manage visitors, an automated visitor management process is very important. Visitors may include suppliers, customers, competitors, maintenance staff, colleagues, government officers, guests, and at times an unknown person. You are required to stop some people at a reception gate while some of them may be allowed to specific areas including labs and offices. Moreover, some visitors may be there for a short visit and others may be for a longer time period, say a few days or a few weeks. Security is needed to keep track of the visitors and the material they carry.

Any lapse in proper security means compromising with the safety of an organization, and that can be intellectual, physical, or human asset. Managing access of visitors remains challenging for many organizations. A visitor should pre-register to save time and hassle. There are plenty of professional organizations like ipsidy that address these apprehensions in a systematic and professional manner with negotiating on hospitality, productivity, or security. Visitor management is also responsible for the maintenance of records that the visitor carries along with his identity proof. Allowing an RFID card or a fingerprint can allow a visitor to access only specific areas. This provides protection to all valuable assets.

Biometric authentication

Identity theft and document fraud along with new threats like cybercrime or terrorism and changes in the regulations have given rise to the implementation of a new technological solution, known as biometrics. It has very quickly made its place as the appropriate means of authenticating and identifying individuals in a fast and reliable manner, using unique biological characteristics. Many applications use this technology. Previously, this aspect of the security was reserved mainly for sensitive applications like security of military sites. However, it is now being developed rapidly through other applications that are in the public domain.

Biometric allows you to be authenticated and identified based on verifiable and recognizable data that are unique as well as specific. This authentication is a procedure to compare data of a person’s characteristics to the biometric template of that person to decide resemblance. This model is stored in a database or a smart card. The stored data is compared to the biometric data of the person. The aim is defining the identity of an individual. The objective is capturing an item from the biometric data. It can be a record of his voice, a photo of his face, or an image of his fingerprint.

Mobile identity verification

The mobile identity verification can help you to check the identity of your customers.  Users can easily authorize transactions with their smartphones before they have been approved.  You can easily confirm the identity of a person through Ipsidy and you will not be required to recall any previous transaction or passphrase, or any other secret that may be stolen or even forgotten. The enrolled users can easily enjoy and a seamless biometric identification when they take a selfie in the mobile application.

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