What Exactly Is Hybrid Cloud? Find All Details Here!

Adopting cloud technologies is not a choice anymore. Reports and surveys suggest that more than 90% companies around the globe have adopted or used cloud solutions in one form or the other. As an entrepreneur or business manager, you must have heard of some great things about hybrid cloud, and in this post, we are discussing the basics, so that you can make a call.

Understanding the basics

In simple words, hybrid cloud basically leverages the pros of both private and public clouds. Companies that deal in hybrid cloud basically help clients in finding a solution, where they can use both platforms for their business needs, considering the specific needs. Data and applications can be moved from private to public and vice versa, as required. As you may have guessed, hybrid cloud allows businesses to leverage the best features and advantages of both worlds. With multiple public clouds, your company can reduce costs and get the extra capacity if needed, while with private cloud, you can keep up with compliance, control and reap the related benefits.

Should you consider hybrid cloud?

Well, it depends on many factors. To be fair, businesses are constantly struggling with the demand for new services, and at times, keeping up with competition and meeting these demands seems hard, simply because private cloud is not enough. With hybrid cloud, you can actually get more from cloud solutions as and when required, instead of just expanding or spending more on private cloud.

The hybrid setup, there are no compromises as far as security is concerned. Businesses prefer public cloud because of cost advantages, but many companies don’t trust such solutions for data and application security. With hybrid cloud, you have the advantage of using public cloud when needed, but that doesn’t mean reducing security because private cloud keeps your critical assets secure. You can choose to relegate apps and data to the required platform, as per priority and security concerns.

Not to forget, hybrid cloud also minimizes the extra costs, especially when the demand is seasonal by nature. Need more space? Just utilize the existing framework and add more public cloud storage for the immediate demand.

Final word

There is no denying that hybrid cloud is the thing for future, and more businesses are likely to rely on it for obvious reasons. It also minimizes the risks of failure and technical faults, because you are using two different and independent platforms.

Gene Hanley

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