5 Tools Your Repair Order Software Must Have

 Top savvy techs in today’s world understand the importance of implementing software in the industry. They are trained on it and have accepted and embraced it, and expect all the other auto repair shops to be up to date with it.

One of the best pieces of technology you can have in your shop is automotive shop management software. This has multiple components to help you manage your repair shop, with one of its best-being repair order software. Here are some tools your repair order software needs to have.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection is no easy task to perform. It is a long process and can take a sizeable chunk of your time. A Digital Vehicle Inspection, also called DVI, is yet the best technological software to perform this task for you.

It will not only save you time and energy you could have used for manual inspection but also has more credibility for your customers. It also allows you to create high-impact inspection media explaining the needs of the repair with videos and photos.

Digital Payment Methods

Another important piece of software to integrate into your system is the digital payment methods. Digital invoicing is a huge time-saving feature that you should integrate with the software too. This is especially useful if you make the same transactions regularly.

The whole process of writing up invoices, getting signatures, punching them into the computer, and handing them out has now become a thing of the past. With a paperless option, you can get customer signatures and attach them to the repair orders then email or text it to the customer.

Parts Ordering and Inventory Management

Gone are the days when you needed to make long calls and have endless discussions with your tech advisors. Now, if you need to update your customers, collect payments, or chase orders, you just need to activate the automated ordering feature.

When you integrated the parts ordering, you are sure to stay at the top of your parts ordering and inventory. Good software should update your stocks and allow you to see each distributor and the local suppliers you have.

Online Text Messaging

Whatever the software is for, communication will always be a need and if you don’t want to waste your time on phone, emails, and texts, there is good news for you. You can integrate online messaging with your software.

It allows you to communicate with your customers fast and easily, especially if you need to clear up a misunderstanding or in the case of emergencies. Here, you can share updates, estimates, and invoices.

Appointment Scheduling

Automotive appointment scheduling software/ feature is another time-saving component you can easily incorporate into your system. Like online text messaging, this also minimizes the need for phone calls and emails to set up meetings and appointments.

Rather, your customers can simply sign in to the system and make appointments on days and times you are available to book a slot. It will then alert you and your staff on the other hand, when an appointment is made.

Gene Hanley

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