Congress to pass legislation on surprise medical bills

Unexpected medical bills can put you in a lot of trouble. It still remains as one of America’s top health care headaches.

The congressional lawmakers agree on the needs to take patients out of the middle of the fight over charge however crafting a legislative solution will not be easy.

The Senate Health Committee is scheduled to vote next week on legislation. It would set out specific protections for patients who receive emergency care from an out-of-network facility or provider; elective care from from an out-of-network doctor at a facility that is in the patient’s insurance network; or additional, post-emergency health care at an out-of-network facility because the patient cannot travel without medical transport. Services such as laboratory and imaging as well as providers who aren’t physicians, such as nurse anesthetists will also be covered under this.

This suggests that all those patients in these situations will find it very beneficial as they don’t have to pay anything apart from what their insurance covers.

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