Tennessee Man Dies After Becoming Infected with Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Florida

Dave Bennett’s family has been shocked with the death of the Tennessee resident after he was infected with a flesh eating bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus while he was swimming in Okaloosa County in Florida.

On the matter, Cheryl Bennett Wiygul said in a post on Facebook that flesh eating bacteria seemed to be an urban legend to her until her father was affected by it. She confirmed that he had indeed passed away because of the bacteria and said that she did not intend to post about it. However, she thought it would be better in the interest of all the other people who may be careless enough to be affected by this.

Wiygul also said that even though she had taken precautions, another case of the same bacteria causing necrotizing faciitis had taken place. She felt that a lot more can be done about making people aware of this terrible affliction before more suffer from a similar fate.

Vibrio is the cause of death of at least 100 people every year in the United States. This statistic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is shocking and disturbing to anyone who is aware of it.


Howard Gonzales

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