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Facebook Messenger Marketing: How It Works

Digital marketing is not easy. There is fierce competition and it may feel like you need to fight tooth and nail for each new customer. This is the reason business owners easily get frustrated. Fortunately, Facebook Messenger Marketing is here to become the number one marketing channel in the world in the coming years. If you embrace this feature as early as now, you will have a good advantage over your competitors. Keep reading to know why messenger apps are big and how to use them for growing your business.

Why Messaging Apps are Popular

If you are like others, you would want to choose convenient, instantaneous communication that is always at your fingertips. As most people use smartphones as their main computer, they choose communication they can initiate on their smartphones.  This makes messaging applications the best solution. Facebook Messenger is fast and intuitive. You get easy-to-read responses in a short amount of time

Importance of Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing refers to marketing using a messaging app. Once you build a list, you can attract new leads, nurture such leads by sending the content and answering their questions as well as convert them into new paying customers. Compared to email marketing, messenger marketing is more conversational.

Messenger apps offer a seamless user experience with little friction. They are friendlier to marketers than SMS and email.  Also, they are personal. With Facebook messenger bot marketing, customers can get the messages based on the links you click as they progress through the message flow. And they can always type a message to your company and get a personal response from a live customer service representative.

Why Choose Facebook Messenger

Wherever you are in the world, Facebook Messenger is the clear winner when it comes to users. Also, Facebook has been testing and expanding their Messenger’s capabilities for this purpose. Messenger features the ability to build automated chatbots complete with videos, images, call-to-action-buttons, galleries, and more. That is why this app is the famous choice among marketers and businesses that want to find new ways to improve their marketing strategy and improve their business.

Using Messenger Marketing to Grow your Business

If you want to embrace messenger marketing, you must get some subscribers first. One way to get someone to subscribe to your subscriber list is when they send a message to your Facebook page. Once you have subscribers, you should send messages to your subscribers. You can choose to send a one-time broadcast or set up an autoresponder series. Automated messages can respond to some keyword with pre-written responses.

Unlike email responders, chatbots make logic branching and greater personalization possible. They allow for personalized menu options to give users the option to choose which information they get. This way, they will only receive messages they are interested in.

Every day, more and more companies are embracing Messenger marketing and discovering how effective this approach can be when they communicate with their leads in an interactive and personalized way. Because it is free to sign up, you have nothing to lose.

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