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What You Should Include In A Coming Soon Page And How To Create One Easily?

Today, we are looking at the importance of Coming Soon Pages and how to create one. I think you already know what is a Coming Soon Page is. Companies and individuals use coming soon pages to show off an upcoming product service.

Coming Soon pages are not just a tool to something hide, but a great way to sneak-peek something interesting to the visitors. I’m sure this blog post will help you to teach the importance of a coming soon page and how to create one easily.

Mission your Statement

One of the important things of a Coming Soon Page is it should explain the purpose of your website. You should offer some form of explanation for the page’s existence. A good Coming Soon Page should attract the visitor. The visitors should understand they will get something if site goes live.

Opting to just place a logo and name on your coming soon page doesn’t mean anything to the visitors. Providing some form of a mission statement or purpose will be a great advantage for your upcoming business.

Try to Collect Emails from the Very Beginning

Email marketing is important for building relationships with current customer and upcoming customers. Email Marketing still considered as the most effective way of reaching your target customers. Email can be tailored to customer actions. According to the latest studies, more than 34% of the people worldwide use the email that means 2.5 Billion people. Isn’t that huge?

You should include an email subscription box into your Coming Soon Page. It will help you to connect with the visitors later once your site is up.

Utilize Social Media

Your Coming Soon Page should contain links to your Social Media pages. Billions of users use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and all of these Social Networks helps users to follow you and get updated.

Huge brands like KFC, McDonald’s, Adidas, Nike include social media because they feel that it will help them easily connect with their fans.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page?

The easiest way to create a Coming Soon Page on a WordPress site is by using Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin from WebFactory Ltd. The Plugin is free and easy to use.


You can enable Maintenance Mode in just one click. It comes with 120+ themes that come with the PRO version, 26+ Instagram filters, and more.

One of the major highlights of the Plugin is it comes with excellent SEO setup that lets you add SEO Title, Meta Description from the very beginning of the site design.

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