Here’s What You Need to Know about Hiring Python Developers!

Python is considered to be a versatile programming language, which can be used for anything and everything – think of software development, mobile apps, web applications, and game development to name a few. Python is incredible, but to get the best of it for your project, you need to consider hiring the right Python developer.

Here’s what you can expect.

Freelancer or a company: What’s best?

Every project is different and comes with a few inherent challenges. You need to decide whether you want to go ahead with an independent Python developer or a company. Now, freelancers tend to be a lot cheaper, but there’s also few aspects on the downside. You only have one person working on the project, so it may take a lot more time, and as far as brainstorming ideas is concerned, you would be struck with one person. With a company that specializes in Python is obviously a better idea, provided they fit your budget.

What to expect from a Python developer?

Expectedly, Python developers are expected to know the core concepts, and they must be well-versed with Syntax and Semantics. Knowledge of Django is an absolute must, and developers are expected to know about data structures, basics of Object Relational Mapper, and while Python is mostly about server-end applications, developers should know front-end languages, including CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5.

Things to understand

Depending on the project at hand, experience of the company you hire is of extreme importance. If they have done projects that are similar to yours in the past, it’s an added advantage. Work portfolio of the company is something that determines if you should be working with. How the company handles business data and private information is the second thing that needs attention. Make sure that they are compliant with DGPR updates. Eventually, when you are working with an outsourced team of Python developers, you should be able to have some control on the work they or how they handle your project.

Discuss the budget

Finally, you cannot hire a developer, unless you are sure of what the project would cost. Most companies that deal in programming would offer an estimate for free, which is the best way to evaluate the options, although price shouldn’t be the only reason to choose a Python developer.

Check online now to shortlist a few companies and don’t miss on asking for client references and an estimate.

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