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Important Facts about SEO That You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization holds a lot of mystery for many digital entrepreneurs despite it being one of the most renowned determiners of online internet visibility. Many people understand the importance of using the services provided by the best SEO companies such as Jacksonville SEO Company; however, not all people know what comes after these stages. A high position in the rankings of Google can help a company’s website to gain much trust from potential clients and get more traffic. With the increase in the traffic, your company could have an increase in sales and conversion. In this blog, we highlight some important facts about SEO that you did not know.

SEO is made up of 75% strategies that are off-page

This does not mean that over half of your SEO ranking is dependent on off-page optimization. However, when someone accomplishes his or her on-page operations, the majority of SEO work will concentrate on the continuously implementing, developing and monitoring off-page strategies.

Website Visits

The most crucial factor in page-ranking is usually the number of website visits. Sites that gain more traffic are websites that have high authority. It is these kinds of pages that have more traffic that have a high potential of getting into the top. An excellent SEO company like for example Jacksonville SEO Company can help your company website to gain more website visits.

Keywords Don’t Last forever

One common mistake that most clients make is stopping the services of an SEO once their keywords begin ranking at the top. This is a big mistake, because if you are ranking top today, then this could eventually be your moment of fame. Big Search engines such as Google and Bing tend always to update their database often. The daily updating of the database of these search engines makes the SERPs change accordingly. If an SEO company achieves to make your keyword to rank on top, all that you need to do is to appreciate the company simply. This is because ranking on top is not an easy task as it may seem.

You need to know that SEO is not a one-time process. The reason behind this is because there is a lot of competition out there that is waiting to topple your ranking at any time. To maintain your rankings, all that you need to do is to keep the keywords on top on a consistent basis.

Rankings Can Always Fluctuate at Times

As discussed earlier, big search engines such as Google are always experimenting with their database with their algorithms. This means that on one occasion your top ranking keyword may drop down instantly. With this in mind, you need not panic or to blame your SEO service provider. You need to understand that this is simply a phase and in a matter of days, your keywords may begin to start ranking to the top again. You need to be patient because sometimes this process may even take a few months; however, if your website is of good quality content then you have not done any wrong thing, and you should get back to the top eventually.

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