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Benefits that a Facebook fan page brings to your business

Facebook is one of the main tools that digital marketing provides to community managers. It offers us endless possibilities in terms of managing communication with our clients and potential clients. Due to ignorance or fear of incurring more expenses, on many occasions, companies do not turn to social media marketing professionals and leave their online presence in the hands of anyone. Today I am going to list what are the main benefits that a fan page brings to our business. If you want to reach your targeted customers, then buyFacebook post likes from


As a tool to manage your company’s brand and make it known. In this way, we will expand the presence of our brand on the Internet, assuming that we already have a website.

Communication channel with your customers

You can communicate directly with your clients or potential clients. Either through their interactions on the wall or with the mention of a private message that appears on the cover of the fan page.

Manage online reputation, attending and preventing possible crises. The complaint or criticism of a client is an opportunity to learn and better. If he makes a bad comment about your company or the services you have provided, detecting it in time, you can respond and solve the incident.

Generate traffic to your website

Currently, social networks are increasingly important as sources of traffic to your website. Post a link to the latest news from your e-commerce and you will see an increase in visits.

Personalized communication

It allows you to segment the message according to the audience you want to address. In this way, you will get a better response. If your message is aimed at women under 30 years old, before publishing it, define with the option to segment the post so that only fans who respond to this profile can see it. In this way, your communication will be much more effective.

Know and retain your customers

It is a tool that will help you to know what they like and what they don’t like, to explain business philosophy to them and gain their trust, and therefore, improve your services and offers.

Emotional closeness

If you manage to connect with your customers, it will improve the perception that your customers have of your company and/or brand. Of course, emotional closeness is not publishing photos of kittens, it is publishing content with which they identify, that generates engagement. Famous Follower twitter can also be a great way to reach customers.

Communicate with potential clients

Thanks to the virality favored by the social network, your message will reach potential clients. Also, through an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, you can publicize your business model to attract new customers.

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