Various factors determine how a site would get ranked with search engines. The seobility have various tools that ensure that a site is optimized for both the user and search engines. The word seobility is derived from the word SEO and ability. There is a tool referred to as an  SEO checker.

 This tool allows users to type in their sites and the tool checks for the headings, metatags and contents of the sites. With time there was a development and another tool called the site audit was created. Which was enhanced with a crawler.

This tool looks up for duplicate contents and broken media on such a site and ensures that everything on the site is set and the time set for responses is also ok.

 The major work it does is boosting the site SEO. There are three sections in the site audit. The first section in the site audit is the technical and meta, the second section is the structure. Structure looms out for all the links, site maps, canonical names and anchors.

The last section is the content. In this section, page duplicates checked and the headings of the site are also corrected to ensure it matches the content. Each section for a site will be calculated and rated in percentage.


After the dating is concluded, a task list is then created and is listed according to the most important ones that need correction. Also, the dashboard is made available on all the sections so that site owners can cross-check all of the analysis and take note of the errors committed from beginning to end.

 If a person has like sixty per cent after rating, he’ll want to know where he made mistakes. So you check the section you have made the mistakes. There you’ll find where you need to be fixed.


To have effective search engine optimization, there is the need to pay attention to your success and that of your competitors. Know what they are doing that you are not doing. There are rank tracking keyword ranking monitoring tools that make it easy for you to know what your competitors are doing in optimizing their sites. Once you include your keyword into this trace, it helps you to confirm the Google rankings of the keywords on all devices per day and supplies all the data for the first hundred rankings.


Backlinks are very essential. For someone that is in a highly competitive business, maybe an online vendor for example. The backlinks prove to Google that your site is trusted. There is a backlink analysis board where you can monitor your backlink profile and see all the backlinks that have to do with your site.

 It also shows updated backlinks and if a backlink is no longer available.The main aim of the nobilityis to provide small business owners with all the support they need to have an optimized site. Hence, the development of all thee. tools. Site owners can keep track of how interactive their site is.

Gene Hanley

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