Essential skills each digital marketer should know


The digital industry is full of  디지털 마케팅 에이전시 and it might be hard to navigate especially if you are a newcomer or if you are looking to find out  your niche. So how do you ensure that you set yourself apart from the competition and continue to fast track your way up to the corporate ladder?

Check out the essential skills which might keep you relevant in the digital world that is ever-changing


It is taking the internet by storm and it is not just about to stop.  Videos tend to have the potential of holding the attention of the customers on the retail sites for a longer time as compared to text which for digital world, it is like a lifetime.  Videos that are well optimized can be able to boost your chances of being into the top of the ranking of Google by about 50. Additionally, there are more than 80% customers who are likely going to buy your product after they see a video which is detailed about it.

You have to remember that, it is just loose statistics which are going to vary depending on whatever it asks, but the point here is that, majority of the statistics point to a conversion which is higher, higher SEO and engagement rankings when it comes to the videos.

So what happens to make it engaging? Because it happens to be quite personal and when people happen to see your face or that of the person who does the brand promotion, they are likely going to trust the whole enterprise more. It also happens to be content that is quite versatile to utilizes through various platforms.

It does not meant that the digital professionals for marketing know everything regarding the video production, but to know the way to create a quick video for introduction using your laptop might be a good thing.  And in case you happen to have some training in this particular area and happen to love it, your talents and skills will not be wasted because the video will continue to be on demand.


The search engine optimization is known to be the key to various levels of digital marketing and because of that, anyone who goes into the field has to have at least a basic handle as far as it is concerned.

You can decide to leave out the high end, technical, back-end stuff to the people who are technically oriented that are on your team, having an understanding that is solid of the best practices and the way to optimize all the forms of content is quite important for running a marketing campaign digitally.

Both the search engine marketing and SEO inform your whole digital strategy on both content and data level, and you require communicating to the rest of the teammates regarding it, so you don’t have to get far if you don’t make a point of ensuring that you learn the basics.

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