Managing Call Center Customer Service Team

In any contact center, regardless of its size, efficiency and performance of customer support agents plays decisive role for growth and success of the company. It is vital that the contact center agents are taken care of by the company, so that they can perform at the peak of their abilities. This will help maintain high customer satisfaction level and also help the company develop a positive image.

Listed below are some of the tried and tested steps that can help ensure that the contact center support agents have the ability to perform efficiently.

Be Flexible With Timing And Schedules

In most contact centers work never comes to a halt and the agents work in rotational shifts. While this is a necessity, the management should arrange the shifts and slots for the agents in a flexible manner. If an agent does not get enough time to rest and recuperate between the shifts they will grow exhausted, which will affect their performance.

Many contact centers around the world are opting for Genesys technical support and Genesys solutions to deal with organizational issues. At the same time, Miratech with its team of Genesys support engineers can provide Genesys contact center support to multiple organizations.

Ensuring The Infrastructure Is Updated And Useful

Contact center management must ensure the infrastructure at the workplace is up-to-date and user-friendly. This includes both the hardware and software setups. From time to time, it is necessary to review software solutions and upgrade them if necessary. This will let the agents work more efficiently and caller experience will improve as well. Everything from the networking components to servers should be maintained in top shape.

Balancing Workload

In all contact centers there are periods when the agents have to deal with excessive number of callers. The management should implement a suitable process in order to reduce the workload during such peak hours.

For example, deploying a well-optimized IVR solution to ease the workload on the agents can be one of the measures. Alternatively, opting for Miratech’s Genesys solutions implementation will ensure the excess callers are handheld by the IVR setup, freeing the agents to focus only on important calls. 

Evading Over Monitoring

It is essential to monitor performance of the agents in contact centers, since certain quality level has to be maintained. The agents should be aware that monitoring is taking place, and at the same time this has to be done in an accurate manner that would not make the agents stressed out about the fact that they are being monitored. Otherwise, their performance level can go down.

Using Software For Quality Review And Enhancement

Both new and experienced agents can make mistakes. Instead of reprimanding them for the error, the management should point it out and suggest ways to improve and avoid the mistake in the future.

One of the ways to track and evaluate agents’ activity is call recording. Recorded call sessions can be used later to show the agents where they went wrong. This can be especially useful for the newly employed agents.

Using Measures To Beat Stress

In contact center setups the work atmosphere can become quite taxing, and occasionally even the most seasoned and experienced agents become stressed out.

There are multiple things that contact center management can do in order to help the agents cope with work stress and anxiety. From offering incentives to the top-performing agents, allowing for more flexible schedule and additional time off – to arranging surprise office parties or organizing recreational activities.

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