The Great Divide and How the Embedded Single Board Computer Has Helped the Market

The “great divide” is well-known in the computer world. Some argue the divide became harder due to the development of projects. Some projects were made specifically for projects, while others were geared for the motherboard or the (development board) as some call it.

In truth, the development board has been a great asset. It helps to test the projects to make sure they are ready for the market, etc.

Cut to.. the single board computers.

How can a single board computer help prototypes get to the market faster compared to traditional methods?

1) Some are finding the best advantage is the cost. Most of the “tweaking” is made during the first and second phase of development.

Here is the kicker: No one can truly predict what will happen with a product. A person can go through a million and one revisions, but until it gets placed on the market, no one really knows what will happen.

The good news: Most professionals feel that products should not be placed on the market with a “good enough” label. They want to make sure that everything is going to be perfect, or close to perfect before the release.

The good news: Most people in the tech world know that the latest developments with single board computer can test the product much faster. That way they can place the product on the market that much faster.

The new developments help to save money because they will tell the developers whether the next phase in testing is necessary. Some companies spend millions of dollars on revising products that will never sell on the market. They lose money on developing and sales. The newest developments will stop the pain before it starts.

2) Developers can now test their products in bulk. Most use the developer board for prototypes anyway. Now they can use them to test multiple items at once. That reduces the cost too, and it saves money.

A person has to find the right setting. Then, they can perform the tests all at once, including with Bluetooth.

“Everything is better with Bluetooth!”

Sheldon Cooper. The Big Bang Theory

This will allow the right products to be released on the market that much sooner. It saves time and money on the products that are a waste of time.

3) Developers need their online communities more than ever. Online communities provide valuable information about what they want and need from a company. That can prove useful when developers test a new prototype. They can show some of the earlier versions to their peers. Their peers can then tell them what they like and dislike.

Hint: The more a person finds out about a community interest, the more suited their products will be.

Developers can also ask for help by leaning on their community. They may need to find a missing component to their prototype. Developers who place feelers are more likely to find the results they want.

An Example

A developer might need the coding for the CortexA53. They just need to ask someone in the community. The community will provide the necessary information for them to finish the prototype.

Developers who utilize an embedded single board computer for their developing are going to see the results they want.

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