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Questions you should ask your web designer

You have been looking for the perfect designer for your business website and after a long search, you have found one. However, before you engage them, you have to be sure that you have the right person for the job.

A few leading questions would therefore work perfectly to verify on the experience level, the skills attained and many more issues. This article suggests some of the questions that you may find pertinent as you interview your potential web designer:

What is your experience in web design?

As the adage goes that “experience is the best teacher”. That statement is equally valid when it comes to web design. The more the years you have in this business, the more experience you have and your efficiency is excellent.

Thus, you need to get a website design professional who has more than five years experience in the field and has solved myriad of challenges in the industry. Experience is incredibly valuable!

What types of sites have you designed?

A designer who has a wide range of web design experience from ecommerce websites to microsites is better placed to work on your site. This is someone who has seen almost all challenges and they must have surmounted them, successfully. That would mean that they will easily work on your site with minimal challenges and in case they come across obstacles, they know where to seek for help.

Different websites have different demands and therefore, the more sites you develop, the more experience you get. As such, you better placed in coming up with a unique design that would stand out in the market. Here, you may notice that the company you want to engage has never dealt with sites related to yours. Therefore, such a mismatch may mean that you look for another website design UK professional.

Are you able to show me your website portfolio?

A reliable web designer would be free to show you the many websites that they have designed or worked on over the years. These will even go ahead and show you testimonials and feedback of their clients – both negative and positive feedback. If the person is reluctant to show you the previous clients’ works, that is a red flag and thus, it’s high time you looked for another.

What results did those websites produce?

Remember, your website is a selling point for your business. If it is well designed with the right aspects perfected, it would pull customers and therefore, increase leads and sales. You should seek to know, out of the websites the professional has developed, what results they have achieved.

This would tell you what to expect from their work, when given an opportunity. For instance, if the person has created ten websites and only two are performing, then, most likely, yours will be a failure and it could mean that you get a better designer.

How will your work help me reach my goals?

This is a pertinent question that you must ask any designer before hiring them. The purpose of the site is to help you achieve your financial and other brand goals. Someone who is just doing it for money will find it very hard to answer that question and therefore you must identify them and keep them off.

A genuine designer whose main objective is to help you will find it easy to answer and even give you insights on how they would make it sell. They will even give you ideas on important aspects like SEO which is key to the success of your site. Do not be afraid to ask for specifics about the design work. The more questions you ask the better for you.

How long will it take you to design the website?

Depending on your business goals and the time you have to achieve such, you have limited time to come up with a site. In fact, if there are delays in completing the design project, you may stall the whole business project and thus, not achieve the objectives. Thus, you must find out from experience, how long it would take to come up with the site. Shun those designers who would want to give you approximations on how long they’d take.

Here you may need to know whether the person has other pending works that may delay your project. You may need a written commitment from the designer so that in case of a delay, it becomes costly on them – not many professionals would want to incur such a cost.

Are you willing to do revisions and how many?

Any reputable website design professional would want to do as many revisions to the website as it takes. They would want to come up with a perfect product and therefore, they have no limits as to the number of revisions they do. You also need to know whether they would be ready to carry out maintenance and ensure that the site is always updated with new information and in tandem with the market innovations.

Someone who is not willing to do the maintenance is not a good fit because it would mean you get a different designer and this is quite costly.

The above questions would enable you to scrutinize the website designer before hiring them. Here, you are in a position to get only the perfect fit, someone who will give you easy time and help you achieve your business goals.

Gene Hanley

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