Tesla’s Model 3 has been the best-selling EV in the US this year by a huge margin

During the first half of this year, Tesla’s Model 3 sedan was the top selling electric vehicle in the US to estimates from the InsideEVs which is an electric-vehicle website.

As per the estimations of the website, through June Tesla sold 67,650 Model 3s in the United States, more than seven times the sales made by Tesla’s Model X SUV, which is the next best selling electric vehicle.

Tesla acquired 3 out of the top 5 spots amongst fully-electric vehicles (InsideEVs also estimates sales for plug-in hybrids), with the further two going to the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EV. The estimates are basically based on the factors such as automaker sales data and vehicle-identification numbers although some are based more a lot on the judgment made by the staff of InsideEVs’.

In the past year, two of the most high-profile electric vehicles that have launched the Audi e-tron SUVs and Jaguar I-Pace, appear to be selling in the comparatively low numbers in the United States.

Approximately 1,835 e-trons and 1,073 I-Paces were sold in the United States through June although the sales for the e-tron started in April.

In the US, these were the five best-selling electric vehicles through the first half of this year, as per the InsideEVs:

1. Tesla Model 3: 67,650
2. Tesla Model X: 9,000
3. Chevrolet Bolt EV: 8,281
4. Tesla Model S: 7,225
5. Nissan Leaf: 6,008

On Tuesday, it was reported that there were better-than-expected worldwide sales for the second quarter, with around 95,200 vehicles delivered. That exceeded the electric car manufacturers before the quarterly delivery record of 90,700 vehicles, set throughout the fourth quarter of the year 2018, and when Tesla delivered 63,000 vehicles it signified the main raise over the first quarter of this year.

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