Ultimate Tips for Designing a Compelling DjWordPress website

 Designing a beautiful website is the utmost factor in the twenty-first century, regardless of interest; your audiences are thrilled to visit your online store depending on what content is published. Whether you are an artist, a musician or a DJ, in order to grow your audience it is paramount to create a spellbinding online website.

 Fortunately, sonaar WordPress has a fantastic themethat enables the amateurs and professional DJ to set their career on the groundin an incredible and intensely dramatic way. Considering we are living digital world it vital to have a stunning website that will help you to market your career effectively.SonaarWordPress themes are compelling keys that will aid DJs to interact withtheir audience in an excellent way.

Ideally, building a DJ website is somehow different in comparison to the band or musician websites. It requires a lot of creativity anduniqueness. More also, the web developer uses a distinctive style of design making the site more appealing to the visitors.  Here are tips for building a flawless DJ WordPress website.

Should Be Easy To Stream Live Your Music

A phenomenal DJ website has a flawless audio player. It is essential to understand that an audio player plugin is a crucial element on a music website.  Having in mind that there are thousands of MP3 players, the question is which is the most powerful?

Technically, there are numerous methods a visitor can stream live on your website, sonaarWordPress theme is designed with MP3 and MP4 player that offers seamless streaming experiences. Besides, a DJ can complementa WordPress theme with third-party sites including Soundcloud or Bandcamp for streaming.

Post the Date of Upcoming Tours Events

DJs earn lump sum from live stage performance; therefore WordPresstheme is built with a calendar plugin that helps in planning upcoming tour. It shows the time and dates of the events. The plugin also allows the visitor to register, and buy tickets. Event manager shows the location of the upcoming event on the Google map.

Sell Your Ticket Online

WordPress website has free woocommerce plugins that enable DJs to integrate payment online on their website. It is the most effective payment gateways to sell tickets.

Set Online Shop

SonaarWordPress themeallows the user to create an online store that has the shopping cart and user account. As aDJ, monetize the website by displaying the price tag of the album DVDs and CDs is a smart move.

Taking advantage of the WordPress theme to merchandise other services by encouraging their fans to buy headphones, cd envelops t-shirts and other products.  A  Dj website is a bread and butter page that can be used as a landing page to refer the audience to connect with DJ’s social media platforms. More also visitors can be redirected to shop  where they can buy product be it on Amazon or Shopify


Funs steers the success of your DJ career; therefore it imperative to create an engaging online community in your website. Besides, you will interact with die-hard fans through comments in a fascinating way.

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