Common reasons why your phone battery is draining fast

Is your phone battery draining really quickly? We list the reasons why this happens.

Many Smartphone users complain of their phone batteries either dying within a few hours of charging, or draining so fast that the phone is plugged in practically all day. Here are common reasons why this happens:

# The battery has exhausted its ‘charge cycles’. Did you know that your phone battery has a specific number of ‘charge cycles’? A charge cycle is the amount of battery life offered from the time the battery is charged fully, to the time it drains down to 0%. Once the cycles are exhausted, most tasks you do, from messaging to talking on the phone, can drain the battery very fast. If you have a Motorola phone and find that the battery is draining very quickly, try these steps – Click Here to resolve the issue. If you still feel battery is draining fast you should show it to an authorised Motorola service centre for further diagnosis / repair.

# You’ve got too many apps running in the background. Most of us have more apps on our phone than we know what to do with. You may have swiped a certain app open and not used it again for a while – but it is still running in the background. Now imagine how many other apps are similarly running, and how much battery life is being used up to keep them running. Every time you finish using an app, just ‘crash’ it close to conserve battery life.

# You might be operating a new software update on an old phone. Though you are advised to get the latest software upgrade, the new functions may be more power thirsty. However, there is an easy fix to this issue: get the Android 8.1 Oreo or Android 9.0 Pieupdate, which limits the use of battery on background apps.Go to Settings ->Battery ->Adaptive Battery or Battery Optimisation.

What can you do about it?

Go to the nearest service centre for your phone and have the battery looked at. If you’re a Motorola user in the city, you can head to the authorised motorola service centre and have them investigate the problem. The Motorola service centre can repair the issue or replace your malfunctioning battery. They can also check for other issues with the phone, or help you with a software upgrade if needed.

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