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5 Best Chrome Extensions for Email Marketers

The introduction of Chrome into the digital world was just like a blowing breeze that has turned on the different expectations of life. Just like every web browser, Google Chrome also has some limitations that inevitably need to be overcome for better user experience. Google Chrome extensions are useful tools that make it entirely more accessible for everyone to extend the capabilities of Google Chrome much more. They are meant for improving the efficiency and productivity of the web results. Chrome extensions are also the essential part of drip campaigns as well.

You can get thousands of Chrome extensions in the marketplace, but to a selection of best one can add up the worth to your digital market stack. If you are going to start up a drip email campaign and are looking forward to the five best chrome extensions for email marketers, here is the one that will explore the world of limitless opportunities for you.

If you are looking for the personalized drip email sequence, then is considered to be one of the best to be used that whenever required. With its amazing support, you can easily improve your sales and complete your delivery on time. Even one can easily remind the product leads with the support of this extension. As per your convenience, it is also possible for you to set the time and create the best custom email sequence without hassles.


It is quite obvious to get confused with the so many ID and password options as each of your online or offline platform require some security that a secured login process can only provide it. LastPass is just the final destination for all those who usually forget their different passwords. One can easily save their passwords and can further use it anytime you want. You only have to remember your master password to get access to all of the stored password options.


Sniply is one of the most helpful tools in the drip email campaign process that helps users in driving more traffic towards their website. One needs to have worked hard the content associated only to make it familiar over a short span. Sniply makes it extremely easy to share the preferred content across social media and hence helps in grabbing the attention of the majority of the visitors towards it. Users are free to embed their call to action on other websites and can also send customized messages for the various readers globally.


Well sharing pictures, files, and links with other devices throughout the globe have not more remain an issue now. Pushbullet is the ultimate source that makes it much easier to share the different format of data on the internet with your family and friends. The file sharing process is straightforward here; one only needs to make a right click on the link to send it to your PC through a smartphone.


Adding up another unusual name in the list, Followr is one of the most beautiful chrome extensions that will help you in raising the index of drip email very conveniently. It is a great tool for emerging marketers that help them in increasing the number of followers. One hardly needs a few minutes to set up proper research, searching tweets, and to follow them. You can quickly raise the number of followers here by working on Twitter.  The names of follower generally increase with the usage of Twitter by you.


Extend the limits of your Google Chrome by adding up suitable extensions on it. The selection of a perfect chrome extension is a little bit difficult task. We have here provided you the best five. You can really use any one of them to take your experience to the next level.

Gene Hanley

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