4 Easiest Ways To Prevent Data Theft And System Hacking

Data theft is a serious criminal offense and despite the measures to prevent it, it is still on a rise globally. Security breach has been affecting large scale industries as well as small businesses for a long time but the severity has started increasing with unethical hackers coming up with different ways to slip within the dvr system of a company. This issue, in a way, torments the global economy and some of the most serious ramifications of hacking include credit card frauds and money trafficking scams that affect customers as well as companies. So, considering the fact that data security breach is on a rise, you must double shield your network system so that it gets difficult to hack.

How Can You Protect Your Surveillance System From Remote Hacking?

There are a number of ways in which a company can be strengthened to fend off cyber attacks. And the best ones are given below.

  1. Install Good Quality Cameras

The quality of a security camera that you install for surveillance can decide the fate of your company against hacking. This is because anything connected with the dvr becomes an open source for backdoor exploitation. Thus, you should install security cameras, like the ones listed below, that are laced with multiple security features.

  • PTZ Security Cameras – The PTZ security cameras stand guard 24×7. They can rotate in all directions and can also give a close-up, if required, with the help of their stunning zoom option.
  • Thermal Cameras – Thermal cameras can also be called night vision cameras since they use heat and temperature difference to capture feed. It means, they can work in lowly lit surrounding too.
  1. Use Firewall And Antivirus Protection

Did you know that maximum monetary losses that companies suffer due to hacking use phishing emails as a source to infiltrate a network system and infect it with viruses and malware? Which is why you must use firewall and antivirus tools that can warn you from opening any suspicious file or website.

  1. Use Network Testing Services

It is bugs in a system that eventually weaken the code of a company, giving chance to hackers to break in the network system by breaking down the backdoor password. And network testing is a service that finds bugs in their initial stages so that they can be eliminated before they become a threat to the company’s security.

  1. Manage Passwords Efficiently

First things first – change the default password to something strong as soon as you install the surveillance system. Second, connect only limited devices to the dvr and restrict the authentication access to some selective individuals only. Last, do not attach a device to the dvr directly without scanning it no matter how urgent the situation is.

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