It allows you to create a tunnel and encrypted connection from home computer to a server somewhere else in the world and when accessing something on the Internet, it goes through the tunnel and then itarrives at the other server and then it goes on to the Internet and finally arrives at the webserver or the Server being used, but it will be the IP address of the install vpn on firestick and it replies to the VPN server. This encrypted connection provides advantages such as localtelecommunications provider and the local government have no idea about the sites that you’re accessing.

Background processes or app

When you open up any app on your fire stick and go to the home page, it never actually closes. The app always runs in the background until you go through the settings and close the app. however, there’s an easier way by using this app. Search background processes and install it.

Background apps and process app lists all the apps running background. All that is needed is closing those apps that are not in use and in the long run, it speeds up your fire stick.

Low caste

Did you know you can watch TV directly without a Tv antenna? Well, a TV antenna which it picks up local TV channels for free. This app can connect you to those free channels without the TV antenna. You are therefore using your Internet to connect to these TV stations instead of the antenna. All need is to download the app, type in the code provided to activate the app and enjoy various channels.

IPVanish App

After activating it with the code, the app will display a channel guide with all sorts of different stations available. Some of the channels are limited to access depending with the place, city or country you’re in.

To prevent denial access, try to download the IPVanish app, which will hide your location and allow you to enjoy the channels without limitations.

Pluto TV 

With this app, it’s just free TV with no strings attached. You don’t need to have to make an account. Go into your search type in Pluto and download. It launched up and immediately it has TVshows and channels ready on the TV guide. It is almost the same as low-caste where it givesyou the URL and a code to type in, and you could do this on your phone or a computer. If you activate an account, you can get some extra features and some more available channels.

Air screen

The ability to screen mirror your Apple devices. There that has an iPad and iPhone or a Mac computer, type in air screen and download. Press the screen mirroring button and connect on the iPad. Whatever you want on the iPad or smartphone can be projected on the screen.

Just watch since this app allows you to pick all the different streaming services you subscribe to and it’ll put everything into one easy-to-use app. press gets started. Now you’ll have all the different movies and shows available on all those different apps in one place. This makes everything so convenient, another cool thing.

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