Top tech hacks for in-home carers

Technology can improve our lives no end, making long and laborious tasks easier to complete. But they can also help us to stay safe and secure in our homes too and for home carers, this is welcome news.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a great way for older people to continue to enjoy living in their own home, something that many of us want to do according to The Live In Care Hub (

As well as a timer on lights that switches them on and off, there is also tech that allows you to control the lights from a remote controlled switch. It is also possible to have interior lighting working via a motion sensor at night too, perfect for nighttime toilet visits.

It is also possible to set up lights to change colour at different times or to note that something has changed. For example, the light in a room can flash blue to indicate it is raining, handy if you have washing drying in the garden. The light can also flash or change colour if there is someone at the door or an external door detects a motion meaning you’ll know someone is there.

The controllability over lighting is great too, meaning that a dim light can help light the way at night and so there’s no fumbling in the dark.

Voice control

The last few years have seen an explosion in voice control items in the home. They work by being connected to a central hub such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa.

They can do all kinds of things from switching the lights on and off to asking them the weather or catch up with news headlines.

Aside from all the fun, they can also play an important role in people staying safe in their home. For example, with Google Home, you can ask it to call someone, handy if the person you are caring for takes a tumble or is incapacitated in some way.

It is also possible to use the broadcast feature with these listening devices too. With speakers and hubs throughout the home, it is possible to use it as an intercom when you need to ask a question or your companion needs your attention in another part of the home.

Smart security

Even with a live in carer, something that many elderly people are turning to as detailed in the Better at Home Report, feeling secure in the home is important. As you would expect, technology has the answer.

From smart doorbells that allow you to answer the door without opening it to smart sensors that detect movement outside around key areas of your home, there are new innovations coming to the market all the time.

Technology can’t do everything

Technological inventions can do a lot but there are some things only humans can do, such as offer companionship and emotional care. But with technology on your side, it can make day to day tasks much easier and simpler for carer and companion.

Gene Hanley

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